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Vintage Place, Florence SC | Lucky Nickel

Selling a home is often an emotionally charged event. Especially these days. For Vintage Place homeowners Larry and Jan Creamer it was that— and then some.

The couple had moved from Ohio to Florence SC a year ago. They’d purchased their dream retirement home on Saxon Drive in Vintage Place. Over the course of the year they’d done extensive work to the house to make it perfect.

A few months ago, the couple received a call from Ohio with the worst news imaginable. A very close relative who had been in remission from a rare and lethal form of cancer .. was again battling the disease. The news shook the couple to the core. They knew what they had to do. Sell their Florence dream home and move back to their family in Ohio.

Movers packing up 3319 Saxon in Vintage Place

Five weeks ago, the Creamers received mail I’d sent advertising my new website … they called me on a Saturday night. We had an emotional first meeting the next day. I promised I would list and sell their house as quickly as possible. The next day, I had it on the market. Beautiful pictures, colorful language and priced as high as I thought we could go without getting into trouble during the appraisal process.

A couple of days later, 3319 Saxon Drive in Vintage Place was under contract. The Creamers and I were thrilled. If ever there was a home that I wanted to move quickly it was this one.

Then the nail biting began. Inspections were first, a few minor problems. Quickly fixed. Appraisal next. Fingers crossed. Phew we appraised.. right on the money. The buyers were a lovely OTIS Elevator family from Mexico and wanted their children to attend the new Lucy T Davis Elementary School. They would have no problem qualifying for their mortgage. We were in the clear.


Unfortunately, we weren’t.  The buyer’s agent called.  The bank was insisting on a second appraisal because they assumed the house was being “flipped” since it was sold a year after purchase. The buyers’ agent and I were livid. Talk about unfair. So we put our heads together and decided to do everything possible to keep that first appraisal in place.

I asked the Creamers to itemize everything they’d done in the last year to their Vintage Place home. They provided a detailed 3-page list.  Then I wrote the buyers agent a letter explaining the tragic circumstances; saying the couple would agree to sign a notarized statement explaining the reason they needed to sell.  I asked the buyer’s agent to forward to the bank. She did.

The next day the letter rose through the ranks of the bank. By the end of the day the head honchos called off the second appraisal.  YAY! Mission accomplished.  We closed the following Friday. Larry and Jan could move to Ohio.

This is not the end of the story.  While the moving van was being loaded, I visited the Creamers to say good by.  We hugged and wished each other the best.  As I was heading to the front door,  Jan told Larry to “tell Beth about the shiny nickel”.

Larry’s Lucky Nickel

Here goes: Apparently after I left our first meeting while the Creamer’s were taking their evening stroll through Vintage, Jan got cold feet.  She was concerned never having met me until that evening, if they’d chosen the right agent.  At that point, Larry spotted a shiny nickel on the street. He picked it up, looked at his wife and said “we haven’t made a mistake, this is our lucky nickel”. He put it in his pocket.

When it went under contract a couple of days later, he kidded Jan that the “nickel was working”.  Inspections, appraisal all good. Larry would again tell Jan that “the nickel was working”. One day, the lucky nickel went missing. It had slipped from Larry’s pocket.

The following day, I called with the news that the bank was requiring a second appraisal.  Larry and Jan knew they HAD TO find the nickel so they scoured the house. They finally found it in the master bedroom.

The NEXT day I called with the news that our battle to insist only the first appraisal be considered—worked. There would be no second appraisal which would possibly have jeopardized the sale.

I stood at their doorway and listened with goose bumps.  Then I begged Larry and Jan to share their “five cents” with me.  In this market, my sellers and  I could use it!  Just kidding I told them, the nickel belonged to Larry and Jan.

This story –and a couple others that I will share in subsequent blogs—illustrate why I love my job.

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