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Beth Lamm believes the “real” story is never right on the surface.

That’s why no matter what she’s doing, she dives in with both feet & always goes beyond.

Throughout her 15-year broadcast journalism career as a television news reporter and anchor person, Beth Lamm found the most satisfaction not behind the anchor’s desk, but out in the field where she could truly immerse herself in a story. In fact, Beth’s tenacious demeanor never allowed her to settle for surface-level reporting. She would delve deeper and go beyond the ordinary to unearth the “real” story, and it earned her a reputation as an outstanding reporter.

Going Beyond to Reveal the Truth

Beth Lamm with clients.

From the moment they meet her, Beth’s clients sense her devotion to their specific real estate goals.

Beth’s most memorable experience while working in television was the story of a man who was charged with a brutal crime against a woman in Florida. As the story gained international attention, Beth wrote to the suspect while he was in jail and finally got him to agree to an on-camera interview. She explored his life history and his motivation and he eventually confessed to the crime during her television interview. By putting in the extra effort, Beth’s reporting presented a balanced and truly nuanced approach to covering the highly publicized story.

Although her broadcasting career is now behind her, Beth’s “go beyond” philosophy persists to this day. She’s a woman who never gives up and who brings an optimistic, glass-half-full viewpoint to everything she does. She prides herself on teaching her children that complaining gets you nowhere in life, but taking action and passionately pursuing your goals surely does. “When there’s a job that needs to be done, I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen,” Beth says.

A New Pursuit

Lamm family.

Beth and her husband, Jim, an Emergency Physician, and their children, Danny and Helen, enjoy spending quality time together.

Beth brings these dynamic personality traits to her career as one of Florence’s premier real estate professionals. She remembers well her experience moving to Florence from Cleveland several years ago.  “Kaye Floyd Parris was our realtor. She went to tremendous lengths to introduce my family to Florence. Now I do the same for my clients,” Beth says.

Beth’s passion for real estate extends to Folly Beach, near Charleston, where she owns and operates Lamm’s End Properties. These vacation properties have been painstakingly renovated and beautifully decorated by Beth and her team. Her homes are among the most well-reviewed properties on the island.

Quite simply, when you work with Beth toward the sale or purchase of a Florence home, you can rest assured that the details of your transaction are being handled in a thorough and professional manner. Her straightforward approach will guide your transaction to a successful conclusion.

Go Beyond

Beth draws on her TV experience, tapping into her creative side to market homes effectively. As a seasoned journalist and photographer, Beth paints a vivid portrait of the property as well as the lifestyle the welcoming community of Florence offers. This is yet another way Beth “goes beyond” the norm for her clients.

So if you’re considering a move in Florence or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact Beth Lamm to schedule a private consultation. Go Beyond.